Snow Row 2015

From Snow Row 2015

VCB sent two boats and crews to the Snow Row this year. King Tide, a 32′ 6-oared Cornish Pilot Gig and Warrior was manned by a mixed crew of high school, college and community rowers. Warrior, a 26′ Stretch Gunning Dory had an adult crew of college and community rowers. The Snow Row lived up to its name this year with a lot of snow but no winds and relatively mild temperatures making for surprisingly favorable conditions. Official Race results are in: King tide, Coxed 6, Mixed Y/A, amateur(the crew never rowed together before) finished in 36th place out of a field of 58 boats with a time of 0:39:44. Warrior, Coxed 4, Adult, Amateur finished in 31st place with a time of 0:38:56. The fastest boat in the race finished first with a time of 0:29:47 and the slowest came in at 1:00:13.

Check out this drone video from the Snow Row

New Boat in a Box

From wherry

A box containing a Chesapeake Lightcraft Tandem Annapolis Wherry kit was delivered to the VCB boat shop this week. This will be the second Annapolis Wherry to join the VCB fleet. The Wherry is a two person sliding seat sculling boat- meaning each rower rows with two oars as opposed to our Whitehall Gigs which are propelled by longer sweep oars- one per rower and have fixed seats.

Our first Wherry was never given a name- we just call it “The Wherry.” Now that there are two, they must be named. Wherry #1 has proved to be popular with VCB’s college community rowers among others in Prospect Park Lake as well as at Pier 40. The absence of wind, waves or current on the lake makes for ideal conditions to learn sliding seat sculling. Our high school rowers who are considering joining college rowing teams are particularly interested. The wherry also comes with a cane seat, parasol and picnic basket which would add to the historic authenticity of VCB’s Brooklyn program.

The computer-cut okoume planks are assembled using stitch and glue construction- the glue being epoxy resin. Like our Whitehall Gigs, the Wherryies have a “wineglass” transom so they fit in easily with the rest of the VCB fleet.

From 2013-07-31

Annapolis Wherry #1- Prospect Park Lake