Boatbuilding Update

Lorne Swarthout

On Wednesday a large VCB volunteer crew went to work to smooth down the outside of our cedar strip canoe. All (or most of) the flats of the 3/4″ strips are becoming part of a gently rounded hull. Planes and scrapers and sandpaper and elbow grease were our tools. Happy conversation energized us. 
On Sunday afternoon the canoe hull was given more vigorous sanding to turn its faceted surface into a smooth cedar skin.
Next boatbuilding sessions will be Wednesday and Sunday12:00 to 4:00


Row to Red Hook


Paul Caviano

It was an impressive little flotilla that took over Valentino Beach in Red Hook. VCB invaded Hometown BBQ and Steve’s Key Lime Pies, chilled out for a while, and then went to visit the Statue.  We also got to see a bit of the sailing regatta going on off Ellis Island on the homeward leg, while being guarded by the Coast Guard (see photos).

The post row chit chat at the boathouse included discussion of a possible row up to Misawa in Edgewater for poke and tempura (yes, we go where the food is!).  More to follow on that front.

Thanks again to the experienced rowers for being good hosts and role models for the newbie paddlers.

Thanks to all the VCB rowers and coxswains without whom we couldn’t have run such an outing — 4 boats and 22 rowers evenly split between VCB regulars and the Morgan Stanley dragon boat team.