City of Water Day 2015

Sally Curtis

From COWD 2015

Twenty rowers set off from the Village Community Boathouse on Pier 40 in three Whitehall Gigs on Saturday, 7/18 bound for Governor’s Island to join the 8th annual City of Water Day. The launch was postponed from 7:30 AM until the next slack tide because of a threat of thunderstorms which was unfortunate because they missed the Cardboard Kayak Race.

From 2015-07-18

After securing the boats in the crowded ebayment near pier 101, VCB volunteers spent the day manning the table talking about VCB programs and mission and schmoozing with fellow rowers, paddlers and others from our waterfront community.

From COWD 2015

Rowers and paddlers who had traveled to Governor’s Island by boat were invited by MWA to camp on the island for the night. Setting up camp was challenging for some of us city dwellers.
Rowers: Teresa Wang, Cindy Lin, Eric Chan, Joy Yang, Leo Au-Yeung, Anna Juchnicki, Shana Luo, Rene Moreno, Margaret Ho, Kenneth Chuen, Rebecca Poch, Danielle Dai, Jackie Chen, David Kang, Eric Cerny, Tony Fung, Frank, Deborah and Yee Gee Cheng.

COWD 2015

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Special thanks to Yee Gee Chang and Eric Cerny for doing a great job organizing and coordinating the VCB crews. Thanks also to Maggie Flanagan, Roland Lewis, Louis Kleinman and others at MWA for making City of Water Day a great success.
Photos by Sally Curtis, Ye Gee Cheng & Tony Fung

Row Around Manhattan 8/1/15


On August 1st, Village Community Boathouse will be rowing around Manhattan to raise money in support of our community and youth rowing and boatbuilding programs in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. We are a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. While all of our programs are free and open to the public, VCB is 100% volunteer run and dependent on donations and this annual fundraiser to buy equipment, maintain our fleet of traditional wooden boats and to build new boats.
Our goal is to raise $7000. We are asking each rower to raise $100 to participate. If you are an experienced rower, you can sign up and ask your friends and family to sponsor you on a per-mile basis (row is 30 miles long, ask three or four friends for a dollar a mile); if you aren’t experienced or can’t be there, you can help sponsor a rower (We will match you up with a deserving youth rower who needs backing).

Remember, there will be a fun after party with lots of food , drink and good salty company.
Show your support for VCB by clicking on this link: Row Around Manhattan for Village Community Boathouse




Free Walk-up-and-Row programs are now running at Pier 40 in Manhattan, Prospect Park and Long Island City. Open to all ages and skill levels at no charge, all you have to do is sign a waiver and put on a pfd.



VCB is offering free public rowing in Prospect Park Lake again this summer. The park is surrounded by a large and diverse population that needs more access to on-water recreation.

From 2014-07-20




By far, our largest constituency consists of high school students. A number of the young people who rowed with VCB as high school students have returned after graduating and taken on leadership roles in our youth programming working with both high school and college rowers.

From Sheer Plank On

Right now there are two boats under construction and another in the repair bay at the VCB boat shop on Pier 40. High school and college students as well as interested people from the community work together to build our traditional wooden boats.