Boatbuilding Progress Report

The canoe building team made progress today. We fine tuned the form and got the first cedar “plank” in place. We will be back at it on Wednesday from 3 to 6 and Sunday from 12 to 4. All volunteers welcome.
Lorne, Mark and Ish

Community Rowing Sunday August 13th

Thanks to all the coxes and experienced rowers who came out today to help with our community rowing session. We put over 50 people on the water today, in 8 longboats and the chase boat, when we ran out of rowboats. About 30 new rowers went out, experiencing the mighty Hudson for the first time, thanks to your volunteering.
..and that’s not all: 
Chase boat went on a diplomatic mission to the Downtown Boathouse and picked up some lost souls from the pier. Thus loaded with human capital we went around the Statue of Liberty and due to popular demand back up through the Buttermilk Channel…..when we fell prey to the siren song of Portside’s Carolina and entered a porthole to the “Diplomat”. ..and got a tour of the WW2 tanker Mary Whalen. 
The Diplomat and the Mary Whalen appear to be very welcoming to itinerant boaters – perhaps even rowers. 
A destination to be explored in the near future. … (excellent sausage too)