Photo Shoot

Warrior, VCB’s Chamberlain Stretch Gunning Dory built by students from Benjamin Banneker Academy was used as a prop for a fashion photo shoot this week. People from M magazine contacted VCB through the website asking to rent a boat. They were directed to the photo gallery to look at photos of the VCB fleet. The producers were inspired by a photo of Notorious G.I.G. on the beach in Alpine. Since Notorious is in Brooklyn for the winter, Warrior was hired in her place.

From 2014-07-27

The Original Photo of Notorious on the Beach in Alpine

From 2014-07-27

M Magazine Crew

From 2014-07-27

Warrior all dressed up

Rowing in Prospect Park Lake

From 2014-07-20

Public Rowing in Prospect Park Lake, a joint effort by Village Community Boathouse and Prospect Park Alliance has been a great success so far this summer with almost 350 waivers signed in the four Saturdays the program has run- Last session, Saturday, 7/19, 123 rowers went out on the lake. Thanks to volunteers Dexter Tong, Jenny Chen, Shana Luo, Nancy, Michael Anton, Karen Richardson, Phil Shinn, Marcel, Lena, Ed and also thanks to some kind strangers.